To reap Gettysburg weep.

What is well said is long remembered.

War is not hell; there is no killing in hell.

At Gettysburg we are reminded that freedom is expensive — unimaginably and grievously so!

Killing men in war is easy; mending the ones who remain is the difficult thing.

Gettysburg is a reminder that there is no limit to what people will do preserve an evil way of life, nor to rid the earth of one.

Those who march near their enemy, camp close to death.

Civil war is suicide; at Gettysburg we shot ourselves.

Gettysburg was stacked worm fences, stacked stone walls and stacked dead bodies.

All men who go to war are so similar that uniforms are necessary to know who to kill.

All war museums diminish the horror.

Gettysburg — too horrific to adequately remember, too tragic to ever forget.

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