If you are pursued by a dinosaur, change organizations.

Evidence suggests that laying eggs and building nests will get you everywhere.

Dinosaurs strategized better than humans; they didn’t fossilize until after they died.

The first glutton was a sauropod; the second was a king; the third was an American.

Children love dinosaurs because they were powerful, and free to roam about the earth.

Such is the heart of humans that had the Sauropods survived we would have invented bigger guns and cages.

A person who studies dinosaur is a paleontologist; a person who studies humans — pale on thought of it.

We only have 165 million years to go before we are as successful as the dinosaurs.

Humans have their babies indiscriminately in domes, plates, beds, scrapes, mounds, and burrows; we owe all these ideas to the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs grew majestic horns and crests to lure their mates; we have only come up with cheap hats and stiff collars.

The difference between dinosaurs and humans may one day become shockingly obvious to extraterrestrials; dinosaurs didn’t create their own extinction event!

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