Man’s a giddy thing, and woman is his giddy twin.

You can live without them — but why would you want to?

Just beyond the border of gender lies the unifying kingdom of human.

Modern women are fire and spice and good with advice; they’re cool and school and ready to rule.

Upon girls’ curves the world confers its vast reserves; upon girls’ minds the wise incline to act in kind.

Mix her fashion and passion and get boredom’s assassin; mix her brain and her game for stupidity’s bane.

Many women see only other ordinary women; women of genius see extraordinary women everywhere.

Women win when men begin, not-to-have-to.

A woman can own a runway; she can also own a podium.

The best President is the best leader — not the preferred race, height, color or gender.

Men and women are synonymous; neither is autonomous.

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