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Do dirt; get dirty. 

Dirt will hurt. 

Gossip licks up the dirt and bites the dust. 

Hurt to hurt; dirt to dirt.

No dirt is pay dirt.

Verbal bricks follow dirty tricks. 

The dirtier we play the more work it will be to clean up. 

Dirt can grow a garden; it can ruin a reputation.

If you are going to dig up dirt, start with your own pile. 

A person is an agenda. 

Agendas eat clocks; they gobble wallets. 

What we want rules who we haunt. 

Agendas are often bent, from beating down dissent. 

We crave control; we hoe one row. 

Agendas first list, then they topple. 

Driving forces frequent ditches. 

Agenda; impedimenta. 

Agendas rule the board room; they are controlled from the back room. 

There is no end to the personal agend. 

A proverb is no promise.

A promise broken cracks us open. 

Promise once; follow up always.

A promise is an approximate. 

Don’t promise — perform! 

People invite promises; reality domiciles. 

A promise has a premise. 

Both promises and lies incubate in hope; they populate inside of purity.  

A promise always has an accomplice. 

Promise; die on it.

Sort; pick short. 

Brief is a relief. 

Short is a snort.

Short wins in the long run.

Tall is a wall; short is a hall.

Too long, abort; too short, cavort. 

Stop short; more court.

Short is a passport. 

Deport long; import short. 

Short has a sizable advantage.  

Stand by to die. 

Live loudly; die quietly. 

Waiting is terminal; dying is germinal. 

No one asks to be born; many ask to die. 

Just say no to more treatment.

We live in cages; we die in stages.

Stop crying; practice dying.

Live good; die better; rise best.  

All comply; all die. 

“Why” thrives in difficulty and dies in prosperity.

When your horse dies, grieve; when you die, celebrate.

Space — it’s grace. 

For amplitude weld gratitude. 

Capacity was the first gift; sagacity the second. 

Give me space or give me mace. 

We explore space; we find ourselves.

Art needs a location; creativity needs a space.

More amplitude; less certitude.  

Money buys space.

Space, vast; the soul, infinite. 

Civilization began in a garden; it will end in space.

Spin is in.

We spin within the cultural din.

We spin webs; we catch ourselves. 

We sin and spin to our own end. 

We spin it so we don’t have to face it. 

Spin all steep roads in hammer modes. 

Crescendo endo spinnuendo.

We spin one side, to the other close both eyes.

We spin the response that others want.

We’re best at spin with friend and kin.  

We ever haunt the tangled webs we want.

Trendy is windy.

Trendy — it’s fundy.

A popular trend; a merciful end.

Friends on spends fuel all trends.

True friendy; not trendy. 

Tradition contends that all trends come to ends. 

Friends trend; true love digs in. 

The most popular thing trending — it’s spending.

Trends end; decisions decide.

Trendy strips and basks; classic covers and lasts.

An algorithm shows what’s trending, a brain chooses what’s important.

A man on a roll may fall off an edge.

On drugs; less hugs.

On edge is off kilter.

On is dependent; off is ascendant.

Too long; yawn on.

To get on, don’t go off.

Bon on.

When on ice, throw the dice.

Off work is on demand.

Bad boys are toys; all wrong is a turn on.

You’re on; go off!

All snides aside, grooms praise your brides.

Grooms can swoon — but not too soon.

A good toast is a good roast.

Brides love the dresses; grooms love the tresses.

At the reception, the caterers would do well to follow the model of the groom; take orders from the bride.

Groom the bride; bridle the groom.

The groom gets a wifer, the father a cipher.

For one afternoon, a bride and a groom; everyday after the sun and the moon.

Over the moon, the bride and the groom.

The expectant bride wants a quick proposal; the terrified groom wants a quick wedding.

A bride is a sun; she warms everyone

As brides gets more bridal, grooms grow more tidal.

Marry leisurely; stay married strenuously.

It’s frantic and manic the bride’s in a panic.

At the wedding the bride and groom sit on top of the cake; ten years later the cake sits on them.

Bride miffed; continental drift.

Frosting makes the cake; cake makes the bride.

We are guaranteed to star twice in life — when we are married and when we are buried.

Brides get groomed; grooms get bridled.

Perfectionism — it can only be healed by affectionism.

Brides survive their weddings; their mothers may not.

The best leaders are always planning for the next leaders.

The best past is the best concierge for the best future.

Good succession always honors two persons.

Poor leaders ignore succession planning because they ignore everyone but themselves.

A smooth succession hinges on the art of selflessness.

Succession pulls a caisson.

Constitution and succession best cycle tandem.

A good succession creates a safe nation.

All it takes to poison a good succession is anxiety — and rivalry.

Every good organization turns succession into an honored tradition.

Season all succession with affection.

On every quest, pack jousts and jests.

A good jest arrests the spread of over-seriousness.

Momus requests all jests be served with food — and zest.

To jest is to be blessed; to jive is to finally arrive.

Sort lies with snorts; test truth with hearts.

Long talk, no jest, undoes, the rest.

Laughter opens the door; guffaws open the soul.

Aim and fire; shoot spoofs and satire.

Jesty is besty.

Fervency craves a rest; over-earnestness aches for a simple jest.

Be care aware.

Match call with care.

Freedom bests safety — mostly.

The creation sprung from care; care sprung from gratitude.

Treatment isn’t always care; fixing isn’t necessarily loving.

Proper care erases boredom, defeats loneliness and abolishes helplessness.

Proof that we care; what happens after we die still matters to us.

Too young or old to be responsible is not too old or young to be sensitive.

Caring means looking past your own fingernails.

The oversight of children and elders masquerades everywhere as care; it’s more often dominance and tyranny.

Proper care of humans includes the cultivation of autonomy.

Remedies lie in brains; care lies in hands.

Plots resolve; lives evolve.

When we live incomplete, we die unfinished.

All fiction’s falls solved; real lives, unresolved.

What we can’t resolve, we may mine, crush and smelt.

Why’s” like birds fly in the cloudy sky.

Many “what’s” — uncracked nuts.

Unfinished — undiminished.

Feats, repeats; heroics, Cenozoic.

A life of discordant notes may with some ending chords resolve.

With resolve, remand the unsolved.

Beware software that starts to swear.

Software is a sleeping giant; awakened — perhaps defiant.

Shareware gobbles greed; it inhales ego.

Software solves hard problems.

Soft wears the world.

0 and 1 are soft and fun.

Even soft wears.

Software crunches; the OS munches.

Soft — where?

The human brain runs software; the code is written by our interpretations of reality.

A stone is no K2; software is not consciousness.

Close is measured by the dose.

Weakness is next to closeness.

Close avoids morose.

Heal, using closeness.

Preserve close; call most.

Close new takes two.

Close friend, further family.

Closeness; voiceless.

Close — define it as a struggle.

To get close, cry together.

First it’s close then adios.

Our thoughts betray our ways.

We betray the dearest friendships with the smallest trifles.

The rain drips through an old roof, so a critical spirit drips through old loyalties.

A small squall can throw up a tall wall.

Our lusts betray our loves.

The friend who stays betrays all slights and frays.

Betrayal drips like poison from every backstab.

Silence is the cruelest form of betrayal.

Look the other way, your own betray.

The refusal to reason — darkest treason!

Hating is sedition; despising is treason.

Fear designed the first wall; love crafted the first gate.

Walls scale; gates hale.

Hate makes no gate.

Chill and abate, all gates have waits.

Safe is a fence; smart is a gate.

Hate hauls walls; love freights gates.

Love gapes gates.

Heart, no bulwark; soul, no wall; come enter all.

We choose our own weights; the hoary fates guard not our lanes and gates.

Cooperate; degate.

Scrap hate; ungate.

Affection — it is the stuffed chair of love.

Love smooches and smacks; affection grazes and snacks.

It is after we lose our mothers that we are most in need of the warmth of human affection.

Affection, reception — the soul’s sweetest confection.

Passion a hunter, affection a saunter.

My cup of tea my cup of me.

Don’t just love me, like me.

Hand on arm gives no alarm.

To be touched is better than to be taught.

To heal me hold me — stay near.

Imperfections — they are most soothed by affections.