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Telling doesn’t require yelling — but sometimes it helps.

Telling the truth will earn you public enemies; not telling will garner you private ones.

Food, we meticulously prepare it; truth, we slop carelessly it.

A universe of safety lies within a confidant who loves you.

Conflict is the birthplace of the truth — and the lie.

We tell after we can’t not.

Candor can foster fear; honesty, defensiveness; the straight up truth, an all out assault — except among the brave.

When telling avoid swelling.

First love; then tell the whole truth.

These days the only way to get the truth about yourself is to bribe someone.

All speakers elaborate; the really good ones lie shamelessly.

Embellish all your stories; this will bring widespread approval and universal credibility.

Ornamental is incremental; the thing is to know when to stop.

We need simple after complicated, complicated after too much simple.

A good story is like a good wine; better and better with more time.

Every retelling of a story is an opportunity — to add to it.

Sculpt every bowl; adorn every soul.

Rococo increased vertigo; minimalism induced comas.

Baroque — it’s is a bit of a choke.

We blog to unveil something important — ourselves.

We blog to to lodge what we won’t dodge.

All points of view add to and stir the public stew.

The best blog is the most unique angle on the most common thing.

Blog your slog, but dialogue your fog.

Blogging is like teasing; it’s flirting.

Blogging is like raising your hand in class; you want to be heard; you aren’t sure you will be.

A good blog is more than a rant; it’s a chant.

Blog; unclog.

All snide remarks originate in serious forethoughts.

Snide is dry served on wry.

The very best snide — it’s dried.

Snide has a downside — what it hides.

The wise crack; fools remain grimly reformative.

Snideness conveys earnestness.

All snides aside, revere all grooms, honor all brides.

Bestride snide and ride — downhill.

Shy, be snide; introverted, carp from every corner.

Love ages gently snide, but hate grows dangerously sincere.

To suffer is to discover ourselves.

Our suffering, our opportunity, for caring.

What is most suffered is best covered in love.

Pain has a point which annihilates all other points.

To suffer is to be alone in a great wilderness — with yourself.

Suffering — it closes our windows and unlocks our doors.

Suffering creates distance; that distance can be contracted by compassion.

Suffering may make us sage — or make us dumbly disengage. 

To suffer with someone is a matter of degrees, percents and ratios — small ones. 

Suffering; enoughering!

Sorry– it’s a form of glory. 

Our story is our glory.

All glory rises out of the smoking ruins of humility.

Glory isn’t splendor; it’s every kind of being. 

One glory is grandeur; another is simplicity. 

There is no glory in gory. 

The pursuit of glory — it’s a highway to horror. 

All glory is found in another person loved. 

A priori doesn’t determine glory; eyesight does. 

To speak too much is to say too little. 

Don’t wait; communicate. 

Every family silence tilts towards family tragedy. 

Communicate or die — inside. 

Every affirmation is a suggestion; every compliment is a direct request. 

Silence is the intentional use of the strongest possible language for the greatest possible impact. 

Brew, grieve; chew, conceive — then speak. 

Disclose thyself. 

We must consult with ourselves before we speak to others. 

To shout, to run, to fall, to twitch — that’s love; to shush, to slow, to stop, to sleep — that’s recovery. 

What we don’t communicate separates us from others; what we do totally alienates us from them. 

Patient waits ignore escapes. 

Work while you wait.

Wanting abhors a waiting.

Urgency loves an emergency. 

Never wait behind doors when you have keys. 

Abate the wait; tromp down race gates.  

Passivity — it  requires a decisive, strategic, resolute inactivity.

Thrifty downgrades nifty.

Faith out-waits harsh fate. 

We wait to be born, lollygag up the middle isle, lag down the stretch, and shuffle into the grave. 

Stop and go, circadian combo. 

Waits precede straights. 

Know before you go. 

Every going has a stopping.    

Recovery begins with the stopping of stopping. 

Don’t stop at fear’s roadblocks; run anxiety’s stop signs.

Know when to quit, ditch, bail and pitch. 

Go; make; teach; no break. 

We go out with intentions; we return home with reflections. 

Death packs no punctuation; the grim reaper is short on end stops. 

Exteriors win awards; interiors win hearts. 

The theft of depth — it’s bereft. 

A patriarchal covering — smothering. 

Coatings get chipped; canopies get ripped; pretenses get stripped.

A surface is temporary; a core, it’s massively and eternally ephemeral. 

We live and die on surfaces, created by internal forces. 

Civilization is the polishing of surfaces, crafted out of wildernesses.

Control —  it’s the deft management of slippery surfaces.

A gorgeous exterior, a laborious process. 

Beauty, like painting is one of the surface arts; character, like architecture requires some seriously ugly excavations. 

Knock knock nonstop.

Knock it down; drag it out; don’t forget to stomp on it. 

Knock and you will be denied; pull out your wallet, and it will be given unto you. 

You may knock a women’s socks off, but never, ever mess with her shoes. 

Apathy knocks; sympathy listens; gullibility shells out. 

If they knock the stuffings out of you, climb lighter, jump faster. 

Opportunity knocks; perspicuity peeps; sagacity opens. 

Knocked about; knock it out. 

Hard knocks reset the clocks. 

Few knock; fewer open, and only the very few pass through.

Be quoted —  thus noted. 

A saying is a slaying; it massacres untruth.

Word play makes a good say. 

Say it; hooray it.

Fillet it, and bake it; invite them to say it.

Keep “they say” out of your way.

Overusage is abusage.

Seriousness created created the proverb; mere fooling around fashioned the saying. 

We say what we don’t mean to mean what we don’t say. 

By saying too little we tolerate too much.

A saying is an essay — minus the details. 

Wonder through windows; will yourself through walls.

Info is a window; action is an intro. 

Open small windows; kick down tall doors; walk through solid walls. 

A wall invites us in to safety; a window invites us to adventure. 

Eyes are windows; the wise peer in from the outside.  

Every beginning has a door; every parting has a window.

A devastating experience is a picture window looking out over a wind-blown sea. 

To every wall add windows; to every relationship add insights. 

The finest window glass is made out of the past. 

Windows are not enough; the soul requires feet — and unlocked doors. 

Never not act. 

Be; choose; advance — dance. 

Agency eats fate for breakfast, chance for lunch and death for dinner. 

Misdirected agency blunders forward aimlessly. 

Natural forces shove us around; agency holds us upright. 

Agency plus cadency move us forward gracefully. 

Every act of agency creates a future vacancy. 

Agency makes a beginning; sheer will power makes a middle; guts make a end. 

Fear fathers complacency; love gives birth to agency. 

Chance will dance, but agency will dance and prance. 

Saying sorry is easy, being sorry more like queazy. 

To force a sorry takes an army.

To annihilate the efficacy of apology, persistently offend. 

Sorry has no strut or “but.”

Penitence makes us beggars, amends, benefactors. 

Repentants walk backward, before going forward. 

Remorse rides a race horse, until it breaks the horse’s leg. 

Caught is rot; sorry — almost glory.

Live in such a way that you have no need for apologies. 

Effective apologies go beyond regret; they embrace a new business model. 

Apologize sans words — change. 

Charms disarm —  and alarm. 

Some charm with leg and arm, and some with loyalty.

Eyes beguile; smiles bewile. 

All charms all hopes beswarm. 

Love charms; justice disarms.

Guileless becharms; get up and ready all alarms. 

Lip’s charms weld storms, but eyes unleash devastation. 

Allurements, they’re incurrments; glamour — it’s a hammer. 

Trust not in charms, for clocks turn all to worms. 

It’s charm and loathing, thin skin and thin clothing. 

Appeal will anneal and beauty turn to dusty stone. 

Hostility ever peeps through the eye holes of the smeared face mask of charm. 

To write is to believe.

Not quite; write.

Letters are fetters; words are abettors.

Bear a billion beating hearts; write one thing.

For words, look within, as if without.

Storm: oncoming purity; writing: oncoming clarity.

Submit all words to thinking, linking.

Writing requires a group — of like-minded words.

Writing does one of two things to the soul: it calms it, or it crazes it.

Before the fight, write; after, ignite.

Write for yourself as for someone else.

The wrong words flow; the right words are extruded.

Think fast; choose slow. 

To choose is to change. 

Decisions — they are opinions. 

We decide and say we didn’t; we choose and say we don’t.

Decisions, recisions, then come the derisions. 

Decide — first ask. 

The one who decides for the many should remember that the many also decide for the one. 

Turmoil and roil; decide and then foil. 

Great decisions may rise out of the opportunities provided by horrible choices. 

A person is never one thing, a decision isn’t either.

As sediment turns into strata, so decisions harden.

Expand; you’ll defend. 

Expansion — it’s reduction, attended by disruption. 

Expansion thins; thin breaks. 

Agency rides on passion, spurred by possibility. 

Every expansion needs a companion. 

To expand, contract into something larger. 

Expansion is a risk; maintenance more so. 

Reduce activity; expand thought; make better decisions. 

Expand your experience; flee your ego. 

The restless soul washes against the sea wall erected by the group. 

Expandamongers don’t last longer. 

Dental work is best brief; apologies need less relief.

Contrition is compunction, solving dysfunction. 

Contrition replaces nothing with something. 

Before apologizing, learn. 

Contrition —  no rope, a 5.15 pitch. 

Contrite at night; by day, we fight. 

Contrition — it’s a persistence. 

Remorse is a horse; compensation is a cow. 

True contrition has few words, and a million emotions. 

Give away apologies freely; store memories in a box with no lid.