A mix of toilets and guests can become awkward — especially when plungers get involved.

“What?” takes on new and terrifying implications — the third time you must say it.

“Reply all” may precede a great fall.

Sex can be awkward; therein lies one of its chief charms.

We all fall down; at our best we lay there and laugh.

The best cure for awkwardness is laughter.

If you are the hero of your life, misdirect; if you are the goat, lie shamelessly.

You know you’ve arrived — but you won’t be sure where — when you look for your keys and find them in your hair.

Sneezing can be awkward — particularly the part when you are flicking a wad of snot off your neighbor’s shoulder.

Flatulence is funny; until it’s accompanied by what isn’t.

Love your awkwardness as your self.

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