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Expectancy is gift wrapped in the soul’s protectancy.

Expect a gaff, rejoice and laugh.

Expect nothing; you’ll still get something.

The path of expectancy is paved with reality.

Expect your pay check; assiduously neglect the lottery.

Love bedecks; hate neglects; hope expects.

Hope has its own ascendancy, a bright ballon of expectancy.

The unexpectant are dejectant.

Expectancy lives breathlessly — ostensibly.

At birth there is an expecting, at death an expected.

Mold has saved more lives than gold.

The discovery of gold has kept many people poor.

A man will cross mountains and rivers for a fleck of gold, but not sit once for nuggets of wisdom.

God is gold; pan, sluice, sift — behold.

The sun weeps and waters run, but we don’t know where gold is from.

In the sandbars of the soul settles love’s pure gold.

Love like placer gold, collects and rests in friendships old.

The gold worn off the wedding ring may be found glittering in the eyes of the old lover.

Gold is a lovely scarcity; the same is true of charity.

Gold can’t cure a cold nor keep the world from getting old.

Long words tromp clumsily and maladroitly clomp; short words stomp.

Actions are louder words depend on the shouter.

Twisted words come from tangled thoughts.

“In a word …” is never one word.

Every play on words is work.

One word is worth a thousand vacation pictures.

Weigh words, diet; wise up, be quiet.

Keep your words close and your silences closer.

Words, words, the phonic fruit, the more eat, the more you toot.

There’s a way with words, and then there are words that have their way.

There is no final word, only a finalized mind.

Demons visit every season, welcomed by our twisted reason.

A demon a day keeps reason at bay.

A demon refined waltzes with mankind.

Keep your enemies close and your demons closer.

One man screamin’ is another man’s demon.

You can’t put all your demons in one casket.

The dope you need is a demon indeed.

The demons help those who only help themselves.

Don’t let a sleeping demon lie.

Greed is the mother of all demons, pride the proud father.