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Run, fly, haul ¬†— if not, crawl.

Jet to the continents; amble through the neighborhoods.

Rise like a rocket; fall like a falcon.

Float through your dreams; stomp through reality.

To get a business off the ground, innovate; to keep it aloft,  excite.

Fly using neurons; soar using synapses.

Morality is a flight — or a crash site.

Words zip and fly by means of wry.

If you fly off the handle, apologize your way back on.

Time flies; flies take their time.

The wise fly through the eye of the lie.

Hubble, bubble, toil and space rubble.

The wing shrunk the world.

Modern families toast each other with jet fuel.

A plane ride is like a cocktail; pour ingredients into a cylinder, tilt, shake and serve.

The constant drone outside the earphone lulls us home.

To ride a plane, find your seat, sit in concrete and cut off your feet.

Take offs have the power to peel off the too-much we’ve taken on.

Transportation’s backward magic turns a city into a jungle.

Alexander rode over the Alps on elephant backs; we followed on their ears.

As a patient loves a colonoscopy, so a traveler loves an airline seat.

Every terminal is a hopscotch square for an adventurous soul.

Before takeoff, turn off all your demonic devices.