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Fledgling businesses are like fledgling birds — multiple crash landings while learning to fly.

All fledglings do some yelling.

Fly; crash, dredge, fledge.

Pledge to fledge; commit to fly.

A over-fledged system lowers resistance.

Done fledging, start giving.

Fledged oppression spawns aggression.

Fledged in a nest of protection, we leap onto an updraft of adventure.

All fledgling recovery is fueled by discovery.

To fully fledge is to become fully self-feeding.

Run, fly, haul  — if not, crawl.

Jet to the continents; amble through the neighborhoods.

Rise like a rocket; fall like a falcon.

Float through your dreams; stomp through reality.

To get a business off the ground, innovate; to keep it aloft,  excite.

Fly using neurons; soar using synapses.

Morality is a flight — or a crash site.

Words zip and fly by means of wry.

If you fly off the handle, apologize your way back on.

Time flies; flies take their time.

The wise fly through the eye of the lie.

Hubble, bubble, toil and space rubble.