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Uneaten bananas rot; unempathetic hearts clot.

Blessed are the helpful for they will themselves be helped.

The helpless may yet cure themselves by helping.

At a vision’s core exists a necessary chore.

There is no lower class to uplift, only all of us to love.

Beware bad dogs and hungry do-gooders.

Bite the feed work hands you.

God helps those who help anyone other than themselves.

We begin and end with help.

Don’t cry wolf; advance on the rapacious with a shout.


Charity doesn’t begin at home; it begins in the bone.

The greatest act of charity is to treat others as if they are sane.

In charity there’s no excess except selflessness.

Selfishness ends where charity begins.

To give is to get something no one else can give.

To be uncharitable is to harm yourself.

Every culture of generosity is created in a petri dish of humility.

Don’t be silly; giving isn’t willy-nilly.

To receive what you wish you could give is harder than giving what you wish you could keep.

Shower charity on responsibility.

Make charity no rarity.

Be strong; ask for help for the weak.

The greatest acts of philanthropy the world has ever seen went unseen.