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Tenacity swings a hammer; sagacity swings a head.

Develop a capacity for pain — loose, growl, gain.

Track apathy, hunt down laxity — kill them both.

Sporadically quit; henceforth and therefore to begin again.

Within tenacity runs an underground river of stupidity, within quitting — great geysers of genius.

The first three tries don’t keep the fourth from succeeding.

Stand on your losses; run on top of your crosses.

It’s most efficacious to be perspicaciously tenacious.

Tenacity is the best policy — and ontogeny.

Divorce mendacious; banish fallacious; marry the truth, be vicious tenacious.

Give up every night; this will provide precisely what is needed to begin again the next day.

In the beginning was the chaos; then God said, “Let there be a file cabinet.”

Folders keepers, labels reapers.

A sticky a day keeps the stickler away.

Every petty bureaucrat lives to guard a narrow slat.

If the front desk gives short shrift, come back and try the later shift.

An inspector is a hopping toad; he courts, warts, and aborts with code.

The bigger the bureaucracy the worse fit for humanity.

The ax feels no pain.

Hierarchy is a type of malarkey.

The soul’s safe, self-loving asides, must trump the brutal rules made by pride.

We each maintain bureaucracy to guard our soul’s aristocracy.