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The best plan includes how to land.

We must plan a ton of fun to cure our soul’s massive boredom.

Scheme to dream.

The steps of a plan appear along the way.

To be successful, plan for the success of others.

Every good leader is planning for the next one.

Design in color; finish in the black.

Hope exists in a plan, joy in a celebration.

Hope is dope, but to land you need a plan.

Plans change; the wise reframe.

Secede from your self; join someone else.

Plan on dying.

Beginnings delight; endings

It’s plan or sham.

See the future; run toward it, hard tackle it.

Plan, deploy; build, enjoy.

Strategize, rest; slave, be blessed.

Plan with your head; build with your heart.

Money loves a plan.

Think for yourself; plan for everyone else.

The plan makes the man.

Design realities with new generalities.

Hard plans replace sands.