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Live like your dying — you are.

Love it or litigate it.

Others may pick your battles, but you pick your forgivenesses.

Jack your age; act like you please.

Go big; then head for the hospital.

Let it all hang out, unless you can keep some of it stuffed in.

If it ain’t broke, sell it and update.

We are not alone; children insure that.

The stuck stops here.

The customer isn’t always right, but there is good money to be made by acting like it.

Just do it — again and again and again.

Get mad; stay even.

It is a jungle out there — run, rip, roar!

Stick your neck out; first cover your rear.

The right word is a picture worth a thousand dollars.

Lips readily touch lips; souls struggle to even get into the same room.

Dream super big; it all but guarantees failure.

There are two occasions when it is easy to win our enemies — later and after that.

If we knew how to quit each other, we might more readily begin each other.

No bad deed goes unrewarded.

To be loved, that is enough — and solitude.

Every good boy deserve favor, every failed one too.

We become who we become because of our parents; after we must discover how to change that.

Grow old with me — my worst to see.

I love you too — do you?