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The first scratch comes fast.

Every loved life flowers anew.

The latest style, the eyes beguile.

With every new baby the world has one more chance.

New dies young; old lives on.

The best decorations for new worlds are old charms.

God gave us sleep to make possible fresh starts.

New duds resurrect old studs.

What can’t be remade can be reborn.

A passion renewed makes a man stealthy, wealthy and shrewd.

Everything we touch we mar; the wise admire the flowers from afar.


Posted: May 16, 2011 in hope
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Hope breeds content.

Lipstick is hued hope.

Hope invented the keyless door handle.

Google reinvented hope.

One stumble doesn’t ruin an approach march, not does a short fall end a long climb.

In every try there is a hopeful cry.

The sun is bright and love is long, and both still shine when all is wrong.

Tomorrow’s adventure is found in today’s advance.

We pick our way through what we see to get to what we hope to be.

There are two possibilities for tomorrow, but what will you do if you live?

Both butterflies and children dry and fly.