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Messes have tresses, suits, ties and fine dresses.

Behind every policy is a roiling frivolity.

Messes are liminal, hard lines tend toward criminal.

Every mess needs a sturdy “Yes.”

A mess inspired civilization; a mess will mend it.

A quest is found within a mess.

A wreck loves a renewal.

Visionaries are best at fixing mess.

We are nothing less than glorious mess.

At the eye of jealousy’s storm is a deadly calm; at the periphery thrives chaos.

The first scratch comes fast.

Every loved life flowers anew.

The latest style, the eyes beguile.

With every new baby the world has one more chance.

New dies young; old lives on.

The best decorations for new worlds are old charms.

God gave us sleep to make possible fresh starts.

New duds resurrect old studs.

What can’t be remade can be reborn.

A passion renewed makes a man stealthy, wealthy and shrewd.

Everything we touch we mar; the wise admire the flowers from afar.

As volcanic ash enriches the soil, so trouble nourishes the psyche.

Difficult experiences don’t teach you something; they make you something.

Disappointments are diapause, the comma just before the clause.

Promote change; you are certain to get that.

Extremophiles thrive in ice and fire; adventure exists on a very high wire.

Just because you can’t hear the wheels turn, the cogs clank or the keys click doesn’t mean the next door isn’t opening.

Redwoods, grow, quietly.

The best miracle is not a healed hand; its a healed heart.

You can’t change your old history; you can always make a new one.

Redemptive prophets buy the field —  build and build and build and build.

Nothing changes like a change of heart.

Maturity has an acute awareness; it is of not having arrived.

We must come to terms with the people in our past so that we don’t destroy the people in our future.

We fix a thing by fixing the edge of the thing, until we have arrived at its center.

A cracked wall can be patched and painted; and a cracked life is not beyond repair.

We reshape the hateful past with the loving future.