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Every compliment is a face lift.

The thorn in your flesh is from the rose in your bush.

Compliment more; criticisms are winning.

Compliments should be like Xenoceratops —

Compliments stalk the beautiful; wisdom praises the whole world.

In the inner lining of a compliment lives a stitched seam of expectation.

Guard your heart by giving small regard to insults — and compliments.

A compliment is just a lie, all dressed up in a suit and tie.

The approval that matters most is not your own; it’s your mother’s.

Jealousy sucks up in public what it spits out in private.

Compliment in time, before your decline.

I always compliment the people who feed me.

Be specific, personal and authentic with compliments — and brief.

The wise praise their mates; fools laud their fantasies.

The smoothest, most affirming people I know are the most profoundly dangerous people — ¬†I know.

Those addicted to pleasing others are unable to please themselves.

Love yourself; not too much.

Self-esteem in the extreme may turn into mean.

You already love yourself in that you feed, shelter and cloth yourself; love others just like that.

Overly scaffolding our students may raise their self-esteem and lower their self-discernment

The self-esteem movement has raised a generation blind to their own incompetence.

Overpraise undermines.

Trellis yourself and others with love.

The foolish student wants only A’s, but wise students value being corrected.

We were once anxious to prove we were better than animals, now we are wondering if we are better than machines.

Be specific, personal, authentic and brief with compliments.

To tell someone they are a hard worker
is better than telling them they are smart; you are telling them they are in control.

Compliment when it is deserved; correct when it is timely, and remain quiet when others are reveling themselves.

To love ourselves is a baby step toward loving others.


Posted: April 20, 2011 in flowers
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Consider the lillies of the field but put on clothes anyway; we thank you!

The cactus is a human plant — prickly with a rant and can’t.

Fine foxglove, cure from above.

The poppy catches attention, maintains retention — and then some.

Flowers are some hardy stuff, blooming in rock, both rough and tough.

Every flower praises in color.

To name, to see — roses, poppy.

Lilies aren’t the only Easter flower; every plant has resurrection power.

Every flower is an applause, for Carl, God and Mrs. Claus.