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Buy using comparisons; sell using idiosyncrasies.

The comparison informs; the juxtaposition norms.

Individuate — similes and metaphors hate.

To categorize is drudgery, but fail and — discovery!

Compare, get bothered; unaware, get clobbered.

A category is an elephant gun; uniqueness lies in every baby elephant.

Every assessment compares — and dares.

Compare, stack it; contrast, hack it.

Hatch, catch; match, batch.

To compare may snare, but to be unaware — it’s a nightmare.

To compare is to care.

Flatteries squirm; actions affirm.

Low acts nix high praise.

Ride your good choices; let your errors float by you.

Love what was; befriend what is; hope for what will be.

Brooding entangles; action unscrambles.

The obsequious servant harms two masters.

Perform honest labor; affirm you neighbor.

Compliment others; use your eyes.

Affirm everyone; mobilize your ears.

To the self-hating compliments are bullets; to the self-loving they are balms.

Brighten your eyes; plug your behaviors into your values.

Every compliment is a face lift.

The thorn in your flesh is from the rose in your bush.

Compliment more; criticisms are winning.

Compliments should be like Xenoceratops —

Compliments stalk the beautiful; wisdom praises the whole world.

In the inner lining of a compliment lives a stitched seam of expectation.

Guard your heart by giving small regard to insults — and compliments.

A compliment is just a lie, all dressed up in a suit and tie.

The approval that matters most is not your own; it’s your mother’s.

Jealousy sucks up in public what it spits out in private.

Compliment in time, before your decline.

I always compliment the people who feed me.

Be specific, personal and authentic with compliments — and brief.

The wise praise their mates; fools laud their fantasies.

The smoothest, most affirming people I know are the most profoundly dangerous people —  I know.

Those addicted to pleasing others are unable to please themselves.