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Two sides, double wise.

To hate balance is to prefer violence.

No penance is needed for balance.

Wisdom teeters, then it totters.

Surveillance is needed for balance.

Balance, using repentance.

Grace insures law.

Hug one thing; kiss its opposite.

Hone sentience, using silence.

Wise — it’s both sides.

Make friends when you can, but absolutely insist on securing some enemies.

Off to college and off to class gives a girl health, wealth and sass.

What you don’t know can’t protect you.

School or drool.

A cognitive boot can teach an old coot a new hoot.

The value of modern education is that it affords the opportunity to master the fine art of procrastination.

Research papers were invented to punish teachers.

Exams test for knowledge; life tests for wisdom.

Schools train the mind; relationships train the heart.

Snobbery is just rudeness with a college education.

Personality is the tuxedo of the soul.

A psyche is a hearth, personality is its fire.

Personality is the secret sauce of success.

As a tsunami wave hides in the ocean, so a raging psyche hides in an ingratiating personality.

Personality makes the heart grow fonder; absence is what makes it wander.

With the bow, the arrow fire; the shy, the bold may yet inspire.

Affect is house paint — glossy, velvet and flat.

The wall flower will someday climb the wall.

Personality roots in well-watered friendships.

Play your ace of hearts; it always trumps a king or queen of diamonds.

Personality is proof that God loves variety.