Getting an education is hard, staying ignorant more so.

Love may cover a multitude of sins but it won’t put up with bad grades.

Invest in your own education; buy a plane ticket.

It is the mark of the modern educated mind to know many points of view but have none of its own.

A classic is a book known to the public by one of its decontextualized lines.

An alphabet is a song that sings a million words.

A wild creature is won with food, a reluctant learner with a story.

A good education includes some needed, unwanted lessons, how to fail, quit, grieve and come up swinging.

The educated person knows all the questions and mistrusts most of the answers.

We invest the least in what we should invest the most — our preschool teacher’s salaries.

The first rule of the educator is to not interfere with curiosity.

Every few years American educators make a brilliant discovery — how to educate American children.

When we teach to the test we ignore the best.

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