You know you have become a grownup when you have to plan to play.

Too much work will make you jerk; take a day to heal — with play.

Tomfoolery risks what sincerity can’t imagine — the laughing cure.

Live fast, die old and leave a beautiful child.

Fun rides on a rollicking river of justice.

Nonsense may become good sense — anon.

Playfulness is the suspicion of the overriding value of workfulness.

We always carry our own weather with us, and so we are always either raining on someone else’s parade or shining on their marching band.

Our prejudices plunder our pleasures.

The fun stops when the crying begins, and the fun doesn’t begin again until we see to it that the causes of the crying end.

The theocratic oath: First do no doom.

Divorce proof your marriage: shamelessly flirt with your own spouse.

Work approaches play when we ride it arms up and palms out.

Merrymaking is cheap psychotherapy.

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