One of dentistry’s depravities is getting rich on cavities.

To buy a BMW, frequent the dentist.

Even a dose of novocaine won’t take away the pocket pain.

Nothing’s like a root canal for adding to the general morale.

Gratitude is a dentist that’s not an apprentice.

Even kings suffer dentists gladly.

Dentistry is the discomfort that comforts.

Nothing is more intimate than the mouth, nothing is less so than the dentist.

As the tooth fairy loves the dentist, so the child loves the tooth fairy.

Dentistry is schadenfreude, drilling, singing “la-la-la-la.”

Never suffer the mouthy fool, but suffer gladly the dental tool.

Those who make jokes about going to the dentist aren’t the ones who can’t.

You can always tell you’re in a third world country by the banking, and the dentistry.

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