To be the saint, ditch the paint.

Forget repute; aim for astute.

Pasts rule reputations.

Those in power may have their hour, but the rest of us get a lifetime to work out who we are.

Reputations are like May, and flies.

Every abuse trashes multiple resumes.

Underneath every strength lurks a hidden weakness.

Never hide your failures; this lowers expectation on you while enhancing other’s reputations.

Live with one eye vultured on your values, the other eye loyal to your loves and no eye left for the crowd.

Some craft a reputation by how they live, others by how they die.

Risk nothing; in this way, you will fashion a lasting reputation for having no reputation at all.

The best reputations are the byproducts of the best choices.

A reputation made in a moment may last for an eternity.

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