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Too strong is wrong; to weak needs a tweak.

A loving bond makes strong.

Strong endures long and initiates short.

What is weak in us offers us an invitation to be strong.

Strong is not a feeling; it’s a going on despite feelings.

Strong knows how to be both quiet and loud.

Your best use of your strength lies in the best you give to others.

Be strong; listen hard.

There is strength beyond strength; when you’re done, you aren’t.

Find your center: find your strength.

If you had 7.8 billion family members, your sense of responsibility would expand; you do.

Welcome strangers; they have more to teach you than your friends.

To understand your humanity; welcome your emotionality.

Invite feedback; welcome support; house help.

Sit down with your enemies; stand up with your friends.

Take in every keep out.

Roll out the red carpets for every color of every skin.

If you go in for a warm hug, watch out for a cool handshake.

For every person you meet throw the welcome party they deserve.

First responsibility, then contentment.

Contentment feeds on the minute and feasts on the hour.

Contentment compounds no complacency.

Satisfaction has a deep tap root in acceptance.

The discontent, hell bent.

Laziness is being comfortable with what’s unacceptable.

Entrenchment breeds a false contentment.

Sanctity spawns serenity.

Peace of mind makes peace with question marks.

Faith begins as a noun; it ends as an action verb.

Faith sees the future and acts.

Faith is a gift; despair is a labor.

Faith is like certainty; it needs testing.

Faith isn’t blind, but it might have only one eye and blink.

Certainty is friends with arrogance; faith hangs out around humility.

Faith in everyday realities is commonplace, in radical change, rare.

Beginnings test vision; endings test faith.

Doubt is not the opposite of faith; anger is.

Doubt seasons faith just as salt seasons meat.

Faith enters the house through a hidden door.

Cry your eyes out, into your journal.

A journal is a medicine.

Write out your heart.

To journal is to discover yourself.

A journal is a record of the geology of a soul.

A journal is a magnifying glass; a book that comes from it is a telescope.

Great ones write out their souls.

A good journal contains several good books.

Writing is the road to knowing.

Journaling discovers that your soul is the same as your neighbor’s.

Journal supernal; look for the kernel.

Needy makes greedy.

Indigent; indignant.

Need is a seed.

Need shrinks the world.

Need pays attention to need.

Need engenders solutions, and births destructions.

The devastated must titrate their way to a new identity

Beggared — embittered or embiggered.

Impecunious gets the dubious salubrious.

Gobble hobble; waste taste.

Taste is mace; appetite is a mugger.

No accounting for tastelessness.

Taste is learned, unfamiliar spurned.

Taste is a blast; it comes from the past.

Pleasant places, pleasant tastes.

Sweet, the treat; sugar, the hooker.

The great enemy of coffee — bad coffee.

What we eat we wear.

Wisdom lies in the taste of ones own reticence.

We choose a path; rationality lurks in the bushes watching.

Irrationality blissfully runs over factuality.

It’s irrational to think we are rational.

The popularity and uses of irrationality parallel that of vanilla ice cream.

Data can’t stop dumb.

The world’s collective irrationality is on full, paranoiac parade at the stock market.

“It won’t happen to me” is the epitome of irrationality.

War is the apex of irrationality; its perpetuation is the nadir.

Experiment: Place preference on one side of a balance scale and reason on the other and watch reason fly off into outer space.

Relational needs no rational.

We are capable of choosing to not be capable.

The human race feasts on fallacies and sates itself on irrationalities.

Rationality — steer it from the helm of emotionality.

A home’s is a refuge; a bed is a sanctuary.

A bed is a place to recover; a world is a place to live.

A bed is safe, but a world is an adventure.

An ocean is a bed then it’s a mountain.

We begin and end in a bed.

Life needs only a mattress, a meal, a mountain and a mate.

All standing is sustained by lying down.

Few lie in the bed they make; they lie in the bed someone else made.

To bed, to bed insomniac head.

Calamity makes sustained bedfellows.

Sovereignty isn’t the best policy.

A change in policy may blot out inequality.

The policies of the elite are the tank treads on top of the oppressed.

A policy is a leash: a law is a lash.

Policy — it pulverizes or protects.

Beyond policy lies wisdom.

Best policies value people.

A policy is a decision that makes a million other decisions.

The application of policy tests the tenacity of consistency.

Narratology is the proud mother of policy.

Comradely is the best policy.

Perform your values.

Achieve great things — being content.

Being is a form of doing.

We are born performing; we die at the end of the show.

We applaud performance; we memorialize being.

When we want an authentic experience we distain a superficial performance.

Your beliefs reside in your head; your values reside in your limbs.

All promises are best backed up by performances.

Do, rest, be, be, be.

Produce out of what flows from your heart not out of what demanded by your neediness.

To effect change in others, effect change in yourself.

Ruminate — then effectuate.

Treatment lacks in discretement.

To book a colonoscopy is brave; to actually go to one shows a stunning lack of self-regard.

Treatment — it is a salient reminder that we are not independent.

Sew up wounds — sooth minds.

Heroic medicine has two heroes — the practitioner, the victim.

The wise seek treatment; the very wise know when to stop.

A pill is a remedy that treats one symptom and causes another.

To go to a hospital is to surrender control; to not go is the same event.

Our minds decide what is therapeutic.

It takes guts to shut up.

Guts will take you places brains can’t.

Follow your guts; drag your pain behind you.

Check your gut; use your brain.

You are your microbiome.

Audacity starts up the mountain; guts go over the top.

Pluck needs no luck.

Guts control arms and legs.

Spine will stand you in good stead.

Moxie has a limit — reality.

Brains can choose anything, even self-destruction, but guts choose life every time.

Grit and bear it; the grin is not required.

Grit your teeth if you must, grind on anyway.

Grind on; sans grit.

True as grit; false as grand.

Grit in the face of danger.

Grit is found in two places; in the dirt and in the person in the dirt.

Sandpaper your words; use a fine grit.

Eat sand; blast injustice.

The good life requires grit — and gratitude.

Suffer sickness silently; celebrate wellness loudly.

Love your broken body; honor your diseased self.

We are both our well and sick selves.

Devastated bodies have no answers — yet they persist.

A sick body is one path to a well soul.

Sickness draws our true friends to us.

Disease is strong; the human spirit stronger.

Pain is isolating; extreme pain obliterates the rest of the world.

Wait until it happens to you — then comes understanding.

Bodies — sick, harmed, dimorphic or aged — these are never shameful; they are simply what it means to be human.

Uninitiated pain is pain, gain is something quite else.

Be quoted —  thus noted. 

A saying is a slaying; it massacres untruth.

Word play makes a good say. 

Say it; hooray it.

Fillet it, and bake it; invite them to say it.

Keep “they say” out of your way.

Overusage is abusage.

Seriousness created the proverb; mere fooling around fashioned the saying. 

We say what we don’t mean to mean what we don’t say. 

By saying too little we tolerate too much.

A saying is an essay — minus the details. 

To start, finish.

To finish, start.

Finish — or anguish. 

Finishing is a skill learned from starting. 

Finished is a form of acceptance. 

Finish first; start second. 

In the beginning is the finishing. 

Finishing foolishness is foolishness. 

The highest form of finishing lies in reflecting. 

Finished is relief, and regret. 

Finished —  excellence diminished.

Finished is an opinion — until your dead. 

Contingents galore forevermore. 

If this, then amiss; if that, then to the mat! 

First things worst. 

Buy, high; sell — all’s well.

Conditional stressful; dependent enmeshful.

Contingent — it’s a type of unhingement.

Contingencies, bi-engencies, intimate infringencies.

Gender infringements gather contingents. 

Every hour is a contingency; every day is a prerequisite.

I in you, and you in me, we are a contingency. 

A premise needs a chemist; a conclusion need a physicist.  

Trendy is windy.

Trendy — it’s fundy.

A popular trend; a merciful end.

Friends on spends fuel trends.

True friendy; not trendy. 

Tradition contends that all trends come to ends. 

Friends trend; true love digs in. 

The most popular thing trending — it’s spending.

Trends end; decisions decide.

Trendy strips and basks; classic covers and lasts.

An algorithm shows what’s trending, a brain chooses what’s important.

A man on a roll may fall off an edge.

On drugs; less hugs.

On edge is off kilter.

On is dependent; off is ascendant.

Too long; yawn on.

To get on, don’t go off.

Bon on.

When on ice, throw the dice.

Off work is on demand.

Bad boys are toys; all wrong is a turn on.

You’re on; go off!