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Own blown; confess mess.

To every mess — except one — we assign a villain.

Agency makes a mess; morality fixes it.

Between our lines lie tangled vines.

Even the best pack a mess.

Stuck runs amuck.

The mess that may not be understood may nonetheless be stopped.

Ethos saves us from chaos.

A word can topple a kingdom; a line can bury it.

A hot mess beats a cold fish.


Allow your self to be seen, but assiduously practice being known.

Being seen is a scream; behind the scenes is quite serene.

Dress up; play down.

Just to appear is brave, but to speak — it’s epic.

To step on a stage is to rip open your heart.

Appearances wound us, applauses ravage us.

To survive, be seen; to recover, become invisible.

Pull back the coverlet of rationality; find a mess.

Broken is bought, seen is fraught.

Seen is not what it seems.

To help, shut up.

Don’t yelp, help.

The truth that hurts helps.

It helps to know when helping harms.

To help, hand over the tools.

Failure aids future raids.

Helping is quite magical, taking over tragical.

Help is a wizard’s wand, but wizards don’t come from wands.

Helping showers; advising empowers.

There is the quip and the whip — or the responsibility-based relationship.

The news is booze.

Too newsy make us woozy.

Bad news makes a bad brood.

Inoculate yourself against news; interpret life for yourself.

The news comes with choices; reality has many voices.

The news is gored and stored for the bored horde.

We become what we believe.

We seek the worst contorted first.

We have a penchant for the negative, the editative, the sedative.

All reporters are reality contorters.

The government brews a batch of news.

Be quiet; discover silence.

To discover a new idea reject an old one.

In reverie resides the soul’s recovery.

Debark self; voyage toward someone else.

What no one understands hovers in front of everyone.

Discovery invented jealousy.

Lovers discover others.

All mothers birth discoverers.

Every age is the age of discovery.

Tumble hard uphill.

At every end, ascend.

Live it up living it down.

Live horizontal; die vertical.

Up is a cracked cup.

Shape up none but one.

Up, down, on frown.

Knocked down; crawl up.

Up is relative, subjunctive or correlative.

Get ahead; rise from the dead.

Drag your precious corpse out of every grave someone digs for you.

Adults examine; children imagine.

Sublime exists within the mind.

It’s our glory to imagine a story.

Plod less; imagine more.

If you imagine a war, include the gore.

Imagination — no equation.

We can imagine what we can’t fathom.

Imagine is; befriend was.

Imagine reality.

Imagine yourself happy; fantasize using reality.

None know; all imagine.

The mind dines then grinds its rinds.

A mental jettison is medicine.

Our feelings we mind; other’s we grind.

Chuck your muck.

Waste haste.

Our values show up in our dumps.

War’s disposal is supposal.

Progress — the invention of a new disposal.

The soul we depose we dispose.

Good riddance to all hindrance.


Historians are switchative, subjunctive to indicative.

History depletes itself.

History is always on the side of the spinners.

His story; her gory.

Governments crush; none blush.

Hagiography, bragiography.

History tutors beginnings, dominates middles and crushes ends.

History turns a million motives into one story.

Winners write history; losers read it.

Behavior becomes history.

Every history is revisionist; every historian is an excisionist.

I have an imaginary friend; I found him in a history book.

The necessity of work; the exigency of exhaustion.

Dreamify, exhausticate; goal and good exonerate.

Tired sighs; exhausted lies.

Exhaustion’s tattoo graces every yahoo.

Quickly hired; quickly fired.

Vision, schism and decision identify exhaustion’s mission.

Gratitude cures lassitude.

Politicians exhaust our love; then they exhaust our wallets.

Judge, condemn, debilitate; understand, invigorate.

Feebleness defines us; resilience inclines us.

Styly is wily.

The styler is the beguiler.

Lookism; snookism.

Style runs single file.

Toss the book; pick a look.

Authenticity invented a style; undifferentiated copied it.

A style win begins within.

The artful smile is a style.

Style smiles; candor beguiles.

Styles create brands; brands perpetuate styles.

Standard is found in the mall; style is found in the soul.

Rhyme is fine, same sounds sublime.

The letters that go together know together.

Rhyme sees the future.

Rhyme chimes the mind.

Rhyming is timing and skillful word chiming.

To make anything ridiculous — rhyme it.

It is a crime to poorly rhyme save to malign pseudo sublime.

The nursery begot the rhyme.

Rhyme is the melody line of memory.

A thought, a proverb, a rhyme — sublime.

Rhyme — loss prevention.

Ideologues should worry; a is an epistemological theory.

There are no a‘s, just rays and bays.

An a is an a is a b to a z.

A is first and last and flirty fast.

A is the indefinite definite.

All you need is a — and the.

A bores; the roars.

A in all; pick and play well.

A is a way of thinking, while blinking.

Ancient thinkers invented a; subsequent ideologues ruined it.

A is non, yet first and strong.

There is some grey ‘tween aye and nay.

There is a warm feeling surrounding progress; it’s called climate change.

Advancement enchantments whip the world’s flankments.

Better is not necessarily greater.

Progress is a form of unhappiness.

Reason advances the world — until it doesn’t.

When we return to quietness, we have made progress.

Whenever there is kindness, there is progress.

Within wellness waxes progress.

The way forward is often through the way back.

When a politician utters the word progress, run, hide your wallet.

To accurately determine progress, wait — 100 years.

Progress is not one made richer by another made poorer.

One man’s progress should not be another man’s regress.

Surviving is overrated; consider the benefits of not.

We move on by forgetting; we prosper by remembering.

Take a dive; jive and survive.

If bent or rent then reinvent!

Survive being lost; wait to be found.

If you die, survive by rising from the dead.

What we go through shows us how to carry on.

Evil is making out by doing others in.

Survive your enemies; hang around to watch them reap what they’ve sown.

Winning has a chemistry which poisons human empathy.

One of the great ironies of life is that sometimes we survive our problems only to be done in by their solutions.

Knock out the opportunity that knocks.

A class a day sends a doctorate your way.

There is no gender in member.

Opportunity knocks; perspicuity answers.

After the old have abandoned their egos, the young may abandon their obscurities.

As the flower blooms amid toxic waste, so opportunity springs from disaster.

Every new room is entered through a door someone once slammed shut.

Opportunity is immunity against mutiny.

No opportunity, zero community.

When we refuse women leadership, we limit by half what the world may accomplish.

What we can’t imagine we can’t do.

The world’s best leaders are now training the world’s future leaders.

Stretch marks the spot.

Spare the dad, spoil the child and be nice to the mom too.

To keep playing with toys, keep having children.

When the baby walks, the parents run.

Whining a pathogen, children vectors, parents hosts.

God made children cute to protect them from parents.

Every parent is grateful to whoever wired adolescence for obsolescence.

Parenting is the magic trick that turns rules into values.

Parenting is alchemy — base “no’s” into a precious” yes’s.”

Schools were invented by tired parents.

The ultimate goal of parents is not to nuture their children; it is to get them to move out.

Role reversal is payback.

An x-ray of the U.S. Congress would reveal a compound fracture.

Before you shoot someone, x-ray them; you may not need to.

A cavity hates an x-ray like an addict hates the truth.

A good proverb is like a good x-ray, easy to read, harder to heed.

Seeing is before being.

Discernment is the mind’s x-ray machine.

An x-ray opens a window on the body, so compassion opens a shutter on the soul.

When Röntgen saw the bones in his own hand, all the skeletons of the earth rose up to dance.

X-rays are best possessed by super-duper consciousness.

The x-ray is the friend of the lung; insight is the friend of the psyche.

Nobel prizes radiate from the discovery of noble rays.

Teeth love x-rays; souls love insight.

The wise gain x-ray vision through experience.

The greatest adventure is in what lies behind what lies ahead.

The thrilling unknown lies just below the bone.

The next adventure is just one risk away.

Fools hide at home; the wise charge into the hippodrome.

The good are always traveling into the dangerous terrain of the other.

Adventure lies on the other side of obedience.

The ultimate adventure begins when we sit still, fold our hands and close our eyes.

The wildest ride begins where control ends.

Faith leaves home with bright eyes.

The thrilling hunt almost beats the heart-pounding find.

One cannot even begin to understand home until one leaves it.

When I am no longer ruled by what you think, I go over the falls and plummet into freedom.

Fear hides; love jumps into plain sight.

It is a fool’s errand to play it safe too much.


Past good, the future better, the present best.

The past is premium grade rocket fuel.

The damaging past that we can’t forget, we disarm by forgiving.

The present is made out of our past memories and our future hopes.

We dig up the past in order to try to understand the present.

The past is like an old house; it’s always under reconstruction.

The past is always spoken of in the imperfect tense.

The past is remembered best by our ears, eyes and noses.

The past is a like a symphony orchestra that refuses to stop playing.

What happened in the past is now my choice.

When I cry over some else’s past I begin to recover from mine.

The past refuses to pass passively.

Was is, until we change it.