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Think fast; choose slow. 

To choose is to change. 

Decisions — they are opinions. 

We decide and say we didn’t; we choose and say we don’t.

Decisions, recisions, then come the derisions. 

Decide — first ask. 

The one who decides for the many should remember that the many also decide for the one. 

Turmoil and roil; decide and then foil. 

Great decisions may rise out of the opportunities provided by horrible choices. 

A person is never one thing, a decision isn’t either.

As sediment turns into strata, so decisions harden.

Decide; use what’s inside.

Blink, think; decide, and in that reside.

Raise irresponsible children; make all their decisions for them.

We cannot make other’s decisions; it is quite enough just to make our own.

There are decisions, then there are the great, dizzying forces of weather, war and whining.

Every decision births risk, cradles reactions and nurtures rejections.

What we don’t choose we lose.

Every nap passes time; every pause invites consequences.

We leave one passion only to arrive at the door of another.

The future is perfectly clear; it’s this or that, bumpy or flat.