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To avoid verbally shooting up the place, check yourself at the door.

Practice an authentic, integrated, consistent identity with others, and to your own self be few.

Don’t stick yourself on stand or shelf.

Love your body; kiss your brain; hug yourself without refrain.

Marry your self; don’t divorce.

To understand others understand yourself.

A consistent self is mental health.

When I love you I love myself.

“No” yourself; “yes” someone else.

You are one of the neighbors Jesus taught you to love.

I is a romp, champ de la stomp.

Be bold or told.

What I refuse to do with you defines who we are.

I am what I do alone; we are what we do together.

I differentiate therefore we are.

Discovering I is curative, finding we superlative.

I am never not becoming me.

I am some I’s; we tend toward lies.

We know my effect; I know my cause.

I am human, no subcategory of anyone.

I am not you; we are the same.