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Beware software that starts to swear.

Software is a sleeping giant; awakened — perhaps defiant.

Shareware gobbles greed; it inhales ego.

Software solves hard problems.

Soft wears the world.

0 and 1 are soft and fun.

Even soft wears.

Software crunches; the OS munches.

Soft — where?

The human brain runs software; the code is written by our interpretations of reality.

A stone is no K2; software is not consciousness.

The computer put the planets in our pockets.

An MBA, one click away.

The desk top computer became a commuter.

A computer without the Internet is like a person without a family.

Achilles needs a tendon; mobility needs a battery.

Computer memory is the new hegemony.

The computer, our servant, until more observant.

Artificial intelligence occurs every time a human lies.

The computer began with a conception; it was born at an execution.

What began in a garage has flown off to Mars.