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Patient waits ignore escapes. 

Work while you wait.

Wanting abhors a waiting.

Urgency loves an emergency. 

Never wait behind doors when you have keys. 

Abate the wait; tromp down race gates.  

Passivity — it  requires a decisive, strategic, resolute inactivity.

Thrifty downgrades nifty.

Faith out-waits harsh fate. 

We wait to be born, lollygag up the middle isle, lag down the stretch, and shuffle into the grave. 

To be patient is to love yourself.

Humility is the mother of patience; reason is her father.

Patience has a measured cadence.

What wonder ever was but by a wait.

Cruelty is the bully child of frustration, but patience begets kindness.

Too much patience is a sin.

Face every injustice with impatience.

Bear the exigencies of crisis with patience; needless suffering, meet it with extreme irritabilty.

Impatience is the virtue of visionaries.

Passion waits well when it knows it will win.

Patience is medicine; hurry assassinates us.