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Lovelies come out; in doubt or devout.

Everywhere lovelies; nowhere not.

Lovelies — they heal us from hatelies.

Imperfect subtracts nothing from lovely.

A hole, beautiful; a fault, exult.

There are many shades of lovely, a million hues in you and me.

Helping is lovely, not is ugly.

Love grows lovely, fairness fairer.

Lovely lasts shortly — mostly.

Lovely isn’t defined by metrics; it’s defined by authentics.

My lovelies above me, below me, thereof me.

There are lovelies yet to be found at the bottom of the sea, in the far reaches of the universe and on the surface of the soul.

Gorgeous — it’s torturous.

Taste lays waste to grace.

Gorgeous carries no guarantees.

Gorgeous, the finest design, and a kind and gentle mind.

Sublime and kitsch; it’s the same ditch.

What is at first interesting is at at last gorgeous.

Justice — it’s gorgeous.

Gorgeously hideous is the sacred perfidious.

Virtuosity is the house servant of gorgeosity.

The modern world bellows down aesthetic’s quiet hall.