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The world grows ripe — on hype. 

Between the gaps in time fruit ripens on the mental vine.  

Personal agendas ripen in the vacuums created by transitions. 

Invest in hype — when the time is ripe.  

Dark thoughts ripen in private; they crack open in public.

To please, we hype; to benefit we wait for ripe.

Your choice: merely age or mature. 

By day we strain, by year attain, by decade change. 

As the sun ripens fruit so opposition ripens the resolute.  

Swipe and wipe, go long, get ripe.  

One thing is certain — change.

Change is the great exchange, familiar past for future strange.

The mind packs a range for change, beyond that lies adamantine.

Urgency accelerates; excitement floors it.

Change is strange until our thoughts we rearrange.

Keep your change in a jar; but your transformation — spend that.

Put your change in your pockets; permanences —  display in plain sight.

Change-agents need patience.

Interpretation is the blunt edge of resistance to the cutting edge of change.

To change is sane; stuck is mental muck.

Move often, toward freedom.