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Cash is a kind of cover — the cold, thin, comfortless kind.

Money buys the cover up; it also buys the low down.

The rich take, then cover; the poor take cover.

Ever the cover for under-the-covers.

The cloak covers the dagger; it suffocates the wagger.

The path to the highest office of the country runs straight through a series of nondisclosure agreements.

Kill the story; rise to glory.

Integrity possesses an intrinsic invisibility; falsity buys one.

Faithful lovers don’t need covers.

Take cover, behind integrity.

Goodness needs no hiddenness.

Integrity knocks — few answer.

Integrity lies in doing the right thing when no one is watching.

Probity stars globally.

Fudgity is smudgity; integrity brings clarity.

Integrity can’t get caught.

Integrity has permanent celebrity.

Compassion too often begins with a rubble and ends with a soup bowl.

Dishonesty looks over its shoulder, integrity down its nose.

Integrity’s losses belong to the bosses.

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing.

As the sea wall restrains the raging storm, so integrity impedes dishonesty.

Integrity finds its calm in the eye of the storm.