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Hang in there, then rappel down; use the noose.

Hang tough; that’s enough.

Hang on by your fingernails, involve your toenails too.

Hung up; hang on.

Hang on every word; chew on every perspective; digest every good angle.

If you get hung out to dry, rehydrate.

Hang on to it to get the hang of it.

You may hang up your boots, but keep your flip flops.

Hung up; don’t look down.

Hang in there, then climb the noose.

Perseverance is a choice offered by a disaster.

Some whine, some recline — some dine on the malign.

Moxie is epoxy; during difficulty it glues us together.

It’s guts or go nuts.

Pluck breeds luck; quitting totally ruins your odds.

Perseverance is periscopic; it sees around corners.

Grit is an abrasive; it can grind down difficulty.

On the other side of the canal of root is a delicious restaurant.

There is a time for everything, a time for nerve and a time to swerve.

Bawl your eyes out; stick them back in.