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Let loose, the conspicuous abstruse!

To right a wrong, go long and strong.

Monologue dog; but hog not the log.

Howl and growl with a sapient jowl!

Soliloquy suaviloquy.

Soliloquy — it’s a form of ventriloqy.

Soliloquy to school; equivoquy to fool.

Alliterate, synonybate, neologate, solilofate.

Every good soliloquy comes bearing three gifts: fine sense, bold and burr.

A good soliloquy has two arms: One carries powerful emotion, the other bears fine language.

Soliloquy is dead; colloquy shot her.

Modern realism euthanized classical soliloquy.

Soliloquy once wore ermine; it
can now wear cotton.

Soliloquy is constructed from the shattered pieces in every pulverized heart.

Without soliloquy there is only commentary.

Conflict is the engine powering the spinning wheels, screeching tires and lurching sheet-metal of soliloquy.

Twitter has no room in the inn.

A short rant is like a roller coaster that stops at the top of the ride.

It is said that modern audiences don’t have the patience for soliloquy; what they actually lack is the impatience for it.

Thank God Shakespeare knew how to go on and on.