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Geology, theology — neither needs apology.

Time is deep, and space is steep.

From fossils come cities.

Geologically, is, isn’t.

The past moves.

Our origins meet below our feet.

It’s twice, it’s thrice we came from ice.

Time, time, time — the DNA of human kind.

The universe is a library, the earth a novel, humans a short story.

In the strata of the earth we find the fingerprint of God.

We live and move and have our being within the lovely Pleistocene.

Now is an awareness we discover just as it is disappearing.

Now is time’s wave breaking.

“Now!” is the one order that can never be obeyed.

The wise live in the now, but can’t tell how.

Back then leaks, right now tweaks, will be sneaks.

Do right now what you were afraid to do one second ago.

Now is the second of salvation.

If not now who, when, what and how?

Now is the most powerful moment on the planet.

Dream, hope, run, wow; jump, fly, soar — now.

Wise nows plan future wows.

Seize the day; wrestle the hour; sit on the second.

The current is has the best fizz.

To live inside the here — gawk, clap, hoot and cheer!

Hug the now; kiss the “Wow!; take a vow.

Fools drink a case of was; the wise drink up a lake of does.

There is not when is was not.

The present is not was or will, but mill and swill and drill and grill.

The present is the illusion that time is standing still.

Nothing says something like this thing.

The now is ever “Ow!” and “Wow!”

No love is good love like your love.

The present invokes the past and then cheers as death is hauled away feet first by the future.