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Be honorable; stay dressed.

Aspire to greatness; keep your zipper up.

Sleep with your spouse; stay awake with everyone else.

To zip on high, keep it zipped on low.

The greatest mystery of the race, it’s lie on lie with a straight face.

To harm a child is to raid a community.

One of the great shocks of life — the most trusted, the most untrustworthy.

The doe eyes of the abused peak through the ragged holes of the abuser.

To abuse is one kind of horror; to look the other way is another.

Believe the lowly; doubt the highly.

Collateral abuse lies in turning away from the harmed.

Smelt shame; forge an abuser.

Low self-worth is a Petri dish; in it abuse is populated.

Silence misuses; verbosity abuses.

Abstruse, aloof, obtuse — abuse.

The abused abuse.

Jealousy is obtuse; envy leads to abuse.

Abused-abuse is no excuse.

End self-centeredness; stop abuse.

War; mass abuse.

To become powerful without abusing someone is a rare act of sheer genius.