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The ultimate knows little intimate. 

The ideal makes us kneel; the everyday lifts us back on our feet. 

Adversity is the hard paddle to completeness. 

Glory in the highest lowest. 

To find the heel, peel off the ideal. 

A supreme regime is a maniac’s dream. 

Highest, lowest, bias, bogus.  

Nonpareil — all is well. 

We praise the superlative and betray the perturbative. 

What’s noble is cardinal — or farcical. 

Maturity is realizing that the world’s paramount concern is not you. 

Few can quell their tilted hell.

Rants are fueled by slants.

Cut to the truth, not on the bias.

Bias, bias the bane of the pious.

Bias peeks from behind the ragged edge of every approval.

Bias gorges enthusiasm; it pukes hatred.

Judgment bent is wisdom rent.

Skewed; the other side gets screwed.

Convinced to the hilt is ever on tilt.

Our loveliest conversations are with those who share our biases; these are also our most dangerous conversations.