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Being is fleeting; doing is flitting. 

Doing is a kind of being.

Doing winks slyly at being while passing. 

Doing is on mission; being prefers a cushion. 

Doing has no sympathy for being’s fine tuned symmetry. 

Doing pauses for reflection; being reflects on pausing.

Doing involves eschewing what‘s nothing. 

Youth is some doing, old is some ruing.

Life begins with doing; in the middle is a lot of justifying; in the end comes the hushing.

Doing requires explaining; being requires merely claiming.  

To be is dreaming; to act, redeeming. 

Doing brings change; being, the same. 

Do time; it will do you.

Do away with doing nothing.

Do-did; done-won. 

“Will do!” isn’t done.

Do, do is a gagged view. 

Every “I do” embraces an “I won’t.” 

To is a sock; do is a shoe. 

Do not do rot.

We tend to do what we eschew.

Don’t not.