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Hunt and pick what you wear; go about with verve and flair.

When in doubt — wear something.

Vanity prevents nudity.

Dress in $10’s; think in $100’s.

You will never have enough of what you don’t really want.

Très chic — soul’s boutique.

Envy’s passion is in fashion.

The under-arrayed hate the over-displayed.

Be smartin in Tartan.

Shop to shop hang out dead-drop.

Details make the man; minutia makes the woman.

Fashion fast, compassion dashed.


To be a thing, go get some bling, channel the latest fashion trend.

Shoes are a hoot, boots root-a-toot!

The collar civilized the world.

Stop traffic, turn heads, drop jaws, wield power — wear insufficient clothing.

Fast fashion — resource assassin.

The rich store the poor’s dark garment chore.

Fashion is thug of time, money’s marauder, love’s looter.

Our labor is to drape ourselves in an image; our relief is to finally take it off.

The latest style ends in a rotting pile.

Never in the field of American endeavor has so much been thrown away by so few.