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To tell is hell.

Tell — then take cover.

To get well — tell.

A lie ends with a period; honesty ends with a comma.

Secrets perpetuate sicknesses.

Tell or lie; live or die.

We don’t know what we won’t say.

Lie slowly; tell pell mell.

To tell is embarrassing, but to lie is devastating.

Fill the hall; tell it all.

What we don’t tell our actions will.

Pellmell; raise hell; go tell!

If you present the naked truth, someone will dress it.

Honesty is the best oddity.

Every truth lies, within someone.

The wise put on their body armor, then fire a round of honesty into what is evil.

An honest adulthood may be hammered out of a childhood forged in lies.

I can only be as honest with you as I am with myself.

The truly honest admit their own disinclination to it.

The truth may lose a case but win a race.

Honest revelation invites evaluation.

If you wear a suit and tie, people will believe your lie.