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Hope is dope.

Hope has an eye on help.

Hope is a racing bike’s climbing gear.

For a rift and a cliff, hope is a rope.

Despair is a cyclops; hope is a chameleon.

Hope says nope — and yope.

The future tense was constructed out of hope.

Hope operates like the inner ear; it encodes information about equilibrium.

When life shrinks your perspectives, order hope; specify extra-large.

Hope is a product of God; it is manufactured within a place called sovereignty.

Hope has a secret service; it travels within a protective entourage.

Hope puts a hand on the past; it steadies itself with one on the future.

Expect a bad outcome; you’ll get one.

Believe in people; put no trust in their consistency.

Most cynicism can be traced back to one source — a harmful person.

Protect against disappointment; cultivate a cheerful pessimism.

To explore the exquisite permutations of cynicism — age.

All’s well; the terminally chipper will cancel out the obstinately miserable.

There is no hope that people will be wise, only that they might be rescued.

Our species will not be restrained, but it may be forgiven.

The convivial cynic is full of faith — in humor.

Cultivate hope; laugh your sass off.

Be leery, but stay cheery.