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Slack makes lack.

Traffic in lazy; make everyone crazy.

Heal apathy, using passion.

Doing doesn’t require feeling.

If you avoid orderliness, you invite an order.

The lazy sigh and don’t know why.

Every sloth ruins some cloth.

Negligental; detrimental.

Bliss — it’s passionless.

Love has no lazy.

Lazy makes crazy.

Dawdle once; lose twice.

Waste time; not mine.

Pasted is wasted.

Niffley-naffley makes lovers baffley.

Waste time; shoot your smart phone.

Hazy makes lazy.

Work hard; when the opportunity arises to do nothing, procrastinate.

Nod no niffle nor no naffle.

Surpass the ants; admit no can’ts.

Rule time; rule yourself.