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First there was a gift, then there was a market.

The weight created confidence; the measure created fairness.

Stock market, pocket rocket.

Build community; shop at farmer’s markets, stop at lemonade stands.

Avoid harkening to affiliate marketing.

Every market hides a carcass.

Build unity; shop your community.

Beware the bot in your market.

We give charity; we shop verity.

We regulate what we can’t trust.

The great exchange is love, not goods and services.

Research is the better part of buying.

To buy is to get high; to sell is to get sober.

Buy slow; sell slower.

We buy and sigh and wonder why.

Buying is a privilege; selling is a relief.

Fall in love with what you can afford.

Buy what you can afford; afford what you can maintain.

To buy or not to buy — this is the obsession.

Buy adagio; sell allegro.

To never buy is to waste your money.

Invest in stories; dump theories.

The all-mighty clam siphons vision’s shazam.

The love of good is the tree top of all money.

Money is social — collaborative, collective and hyper-betrothal.

Your next investment is your next donation.

Traffic in stocks; pillage Fort Knox.

Money is magic, poverty tragic, hatred of humans abyssopelagic.

Money has influence — so does influenza.

Money and morality remember mortality.

A stellar portfolio, no generosity, a mediocre life.

Money can’t buy you love, but it can lease you a lovely arrogance.

The rich save; the poor slave; all crave.