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President, elegant — humanity’s top resident.

Officialdom shatters; character matters.

A braggart, a basher and a bully is the boss of everyone but one.

A president is a person, pretending to be a personage.

We elect our desires; we impeach our impulses.

Public opinion elects presidents, and public perception relieves them of power.

The Presidency is a weakness paraded as a strength.

Presidents may fly by means of platitudes, but they land by means of policies.

A presidency is a high on the way to becoming a low.

Popularity paces all our popes and parses all our presidents.

A president is a plurality masquerading as a singularity.

The grand stage; the caparisoned horse.


Politicians are like drunks; it takes a few brews for them to start feeling normal.

A vote is a rifle, Twitter a sidewinder missile.

Jealousy is the energy drink of ambition.

Politicians of a feather vote together.

If you aren’t happy with who you are, run for public office.

I fear politicians, especially when they come bearing rebates.

When large weapons are present, peacemakers are absent.

To become the one is to become the many.

Good politicians win elections and lose enemies.

To master the art of politics you must learn to take credit for what other people have done.

The cure for transparency is political office.

The first job of the politician is to protect the public — from politicians.

Evil leaders love power; good leaders love the powerless.

Campaign promises aren’t.

Tragedy is for those who feel; comedy is for those who think; politics is for those who don’t.

Politic is not political.

Political parties are substitutes for reason.

Political leadership is dangerous to followership.

What you must do to win an election generally disqualifies you from being elected.

A presidential candidate may have no secrets, a President, many.

Politics is a sport; there is always the opportunity to score.

Law is order — until you make a border.

Politics plus anything equals itself.

Re-election was invented so that something might finally get done.

When a political campaign reduces a candidate to smiles, handshakes, slogans and promises then that is what they are.

Politically, brutality is no liability.

Man is a vicious elected animal.

All political life owes its existence to physical death.

Heredity and wealth are forever the political enemy of competence and good will.

Politics is public brawl, in suit and tie, on hill, in hall.

Politics sides.