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Expand; you’ll defend. 

Expansion — it’s reduction, attended by disruption. 

Expansion thins; thin breaks. 

Agency rides on passion, spurred by possibility. 

Every expansion needs a companion. 

To expand, contract into something larger. 

Expansion is a risk; mere maintenance more so. 

Reduce activity; expand thought; make better decisions. 

Expand your experience; flee your ego. 

The restless soul washes against the sea wall erected by the group. 

Expandamongers don’t last longer. 

The priviledge of power is protection.

Power is always plural.

Force harms; power helps.

Abusers eventually hate the reactions they create.

Knowledge is power; love is higher.

The greatest form of power is to protect the powerless.

Revanchist motives compromise good hearts.

The power to be not inclined is a form of Astatine.

Pleasing everyone pleases no one.

We terrify lest we disappear.