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Stop and go is our circadian combo. 

Waits precede straights. 

Know before you go. 

Every going has a stopping.    

Recovery begins with the stopping of stopping. 

Don’t stop at fear’s roadblocks; run anxiety’s stop signs.

Know when to quit, ditch, bail and pitch. 

Go; make; teach; no break. 

We go out with intentions; we return home with reflections. 

Death packs no punctuation; the grim reaper is short on end stops. 

Quitting is not only an option, it may be the best option.

To become a successful starter, one must master the art of being a quitter.

There is an art to quitting; nuanced rationales, precision door slamming.

We give in — at the end of every loss and win.

Sticking with the same thing is easy; finally quitting is hard work.

Quit, go to bed; get up, move ahead.

Every ending is a beginning.

Quit infrequently; give up inconsistently.

Trash old foods, feuds and tudes; keep old dudes.

Enemies are like books; best not to finish them all off.

Quitting often includes some unfitting spitting.