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Haste makes safe.

Healthy rests on safely. 

Safe needs not sound. 

Safety sires sincerity. 

Physically safe, first base. 

I am only as safe to you as I am to me. 

To effectively process unsafe emotions find safe people. 

Safe is a dangerous assumption. 

Safe exists within risk. 

Safe with ourselves; safe with others. 

Safe, temporary; risk, constant. 

To make a safe family marry a plant — raise butterflies.

I can feel completely safe in any place in which I am unaware of danger.

Stop, look and chicken.

Every attempt to create a totally safe place will result in a prison.

Love yourself; protect your neighbors.

Safety is made out of love — motes, thick walls and hot pitch.

A safe day is found close to people who are safe at night.

Safety is the unknown, hiked carefully.

The most frightening sound in the world is the human voice: it is also the safest.

Invite a needed conflict; ensure everyone’s safety.

Protect yourself — forgive.

Love is safety.