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The need for security began with the first relationship; it will end with the last one.

Security lies in love — and encryption.

If you love it, hide it!

Everyone is made from the stolen parts of others.

The handshake was replaced by the alphabet.

No harm; no alarm.

A good name is nothing; secure biometrics, everything.

Completely secure your accounts — close them.

Hunger invented a security system; avarice perfected it.

A breech will screech.

Security has no surety.

Hacks prefer packs.

To topple tyrants tweet.

The family that Skypes together stays together.

Modern living is 700 friends on Facebook and no one to dinner.

Tech suffers fate; wise packs its own update.

A flat screen is no substitute for a natural scene.

Old technologies rule  —  wheels and wings and bullets cruel.

It is the prerogative of man to perish at the hands of the machines he constructs.

Technology has shrunk the globe to the size of the ear; compassion brings us close enough to hear.

Fire bookends history; it cooked the first meal; it will cook the last.

The smart phone put the whole world in a pocket.

Machines expand minds, and shrink our souls.

We vaporize the hidden eyes; morality turns into lies.

Technology isn’t turning space into junk, we are.

Technology is not adverse to making our world better — or worse.