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Ready, frame, fire.

Rig, stock, ready, rock. 

Practice makes ready. 

Ready is steady. 

Combat ready with a query.  

Ready is proven by performance.

Always staging; never on stage. 

Prepare to die; live!

Hope for the best by preparing for the best. 

Abandon all stupor; make ready the future.

Difficulty is training; winter is preparation. 

If there are no doors go through the walls.

Every wall is a door.

Opportunity knocks on closed doors; importunity kicks them down.

Time flutters at every window; space floats in every doorway.

Every exit is an entrance.

Live well; paint doors; hang art.

At every door we abandon something.

The future is the door we haven’t yet opened.

Behind the door, all families war.

The wall, the floor, the door, the more.

No one knows; everyone imagines.

Hearts harbor aheads.

The past eats the future.

Ahead is a behind.

The future rushes underneath the feet of the present.

Behind is the rind, ahead good.

Welcome facts; befriend reality.

Fear abandons the future; love woos it back.

Behind is frozen, ahead what’s chosen.

Back okay; ahead yea!