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Find out what’s yet; hit on the net.

Click like a monkey; surf like a junkie.

Online is wine.

Prime time is online.

A good Internet is like a good life; it lies in a good story. 

The blog saved the Web for the people. 

Knowledge without access is like a search without an engine.

The web is up all eyes are down.

Astronomy expands the universe; the Internet shrinks it.

Free speech created the World Wide Web.

Let love go viral; let little else.

One TED talk — a million doors unlocked.

Reputations are now made and lost in 144 characters.

What is whispered in inner rooms is shouted from the roof tops in the house of the Internet.

The online leer defines the World Wide Web’s pandemic, peeping plague.

Smile and style go completely viral in such a short while.

Online, lies metastasize.

Rumor is a plague; the Web is its vector.

On the Web tends dash, whims sprint, movements run and history plods.

The Web is like life; viral, then the knife.