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We most attack what we least understand.

The spared grieve; they weren’t taken.

We hurt fast and heal slow.

The attacked lack safety’s soft salvific sack.

Rejection hatches psychopaths; shame catapults them into the horror.

A long, dark story precedes every assault on the innocent.

Deadly signs lurk in troubled minds.

Discern the lack; prevent attack.

Insecurity is the persistent attack that never comes.

Insane, we maul; in vain we crawl.

Talking prevents attacking.

The meek submit a second cheek.

Boom’s a tomb.

Bellicosity, stupidosity.

Ungentle is mental.

If slapped, yap; don’t smack back.

Peaceful are the peacemakers.

The violent bear it away; the gentle bring it back.

Abhor war; adore peace more.

Reason is no friend of violence.

Violence didn’t originate in a standing army; it combusted out of a smoldering heart.