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All recruitment is ensuitment.

We recruit the poor to fight the war.

An all-volunteer force isn’t all, nor is it voluntary.

A strong dose of ideology, fatal to biology.

We best volunteer for what best volunteers for us.

Words create volunteers; trivia erases words.

Volunteers are often quite skilled, at not showing up.

Volunteer: “Here, here! Yes sir!”

Perfect your career, volunteer.

Serve with nerve, give back with verve.

Voluntary is honorary.

To volunteer is to think of you not me.

Every shovelful helps fill the wheelbarrow, and every tweet helps shape public opinion.

To volunteer advice is like taking cuts in a line; better to wait until all can see that it is your turn.

Volunteer and get hired; slack and get fired.

A voluntary heart doeth good like a medicine.

Something comes of something.

When you volunteer you subtract from yourself to add to others.

Voting is volunteering.

Help who you help to help.

Voluntary works; forced stalls and backfires.

Required volunteerism isn’t.

The wealthy core volunteer the poor for war.

It is easier to find a man who will volunteer to kill other men than to find a man who will volunteer to be a foster parent.

Volunteers have many friends; the selfish rot by themselves in a corner.