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We won’t too much with “Don’t!” 

Love your chaos as yourself. 

Control yourself; free your neighbor. 

Take control — run, hide, eat!

Three things are hard; spiders’ silk, diamonds and self-control.

Do hard things: Hug your mind; kiss your heart; bridle your mouth.

Expect nothing; do nothing; get nothing.

We control one thing only to be taken by another.

We make plans; they make us.

Sellers beware; it’s a buyer’s affair. 

Aristocracy, mobocracy stem from the soul’s cacophony.

The little bit of control we might have over others comes from controlling ourselves. 

What we can’t control we can cover in kindness.

Time spins all wins.

The highest goal is self-control.

Control your fork; control your future.

A detailed plan beats “Shazam!”

Learn no; earn control.

There is control in letting go.

The game in the brain lies mainly in the frame.

I control what I don’t care about; what I care too much about controls me.

The doctor is the first and last face to remind us we aren’t in control.

Control is the myth death busts.

The wise extol, the rock and roll, of no control.